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How We Do It


How We Do It

Our proven investment techniques are founded in science. Our philosophy is to treat investing as the long term lending of money to capital markets with the expectation of receiving an inflation-beating return on the capital employed.”

Our Investment Philosophy

Here’s the bad news…

We can’t tell you where the stock market is going to be next week, next month, or next year. Nor do we know if Vodafone’s share price will rise faster than BP’s share price (or any other share price for that matter). Or indeed, what sort of effect Brexit or President Trump’s policies might have on your investment values.

The good news is that we don’t need to know any of this to enable you to have a successful, long term, investment experience.

Using Nobel Prize winning theory and evidence-based investing our philosophy and strategy is to treat investing as the long term lending of money to capital markets with the expectation of receiving an inflation beating return on the capital employed.

We build portfolios of risk-graded, low cost, institutional funds. We reduce risk by diversification, we keep costs low (the total fund costs of our investment portfolios are typically 0.4% p.a. or less) and we maintain a sensible buy and hold strategy.

Capitalism and compound interest do the rest!

Our Investment Process

Our desired outcome is to deliver to you the returns available from capital markets, appropriate to the level of risk you wish to take.

To achieve this outcome we will:

  • Determine your individual capacity for investment risk and match it to a bespoke investment portfolio
  • Utilise a proven scientific approach to asset allocation, fund selection and online monitoring systems to help you achieve your investment objectives
  • Review your existing investments to ensure they are in line with your current and future objectives
  • Make recommendations to bring your existing investments into line with your risk profile and performance objectives if appropriate
  • Use lifetime cashflow modelling to illustrate whether your investment profile will deliver sufficient returns to meet your long term goals

Help you make smart decisions about your money and ultimately, to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have your money invested in the most suitable and tax efficient way.

Founded In Science

We follow an investment strategy based on over 50 years of scientific research and 70 years of market data.

Historically, advisers have mainly recommended high-fee, actively managed funds — in other words, funds that try to outperform the market through a combination of stock picking and market timing.

The evidence overwhelmingly shows that only around 1% of funds beat the market, over the long term, net of costs. Furthermore, those very few funds that do outperform are almost impossible to identify in advance.

The good news is that there is an alternative to investing in so called actively managed funds and it’s known as Evidence-Based Investing.

More than 60 years of independent, peer-reviewed, academic research has shown that the most efficient way to invest is simply to buy and hold a broadly diversified portfolio of low-cost index funds.

In Warren Buffet’s words, “Both large and small investors should stick with low cost index funds”.

Can We Help You Live YOUR Best Life?

We would be delighted to meet with you to see how we may be able to help in achieving your financial and lifestyle aspirations. We will not engage with clients unless we are certain that we can add significant value. In this respect all initial meetings are always at our expense and no fees are ever charged until all parties are agreeable to working together.

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